Halloween 10/31/2011

Halloween this year was so much better than I imagined. Sometimes I am not sure of how old Charlotte should be before she might enjoy something, but it turns out 18 months is plenty old enough for Trick-or-Treating.

Last year Charlotte was 6 months old for her first Halloween. I was determined to show off her cuteness:


I got made fun of from my family for carrying her up to each door, even though it was only maybe 10 houses. I got to eat the candy, so I didn’t mind their ribbing.

Anyway, this year my little Tinkerbell could walk run up to each house. She held her daddy’s hand (or mine, we alternated) and went to each door.

Her favorites were the houses that let her select her own piece of candy. Nearly every time she had a choice she would choose a sucker. The first sucker she got she immediately tore off the wrapper and held on to for most of the night.

Once she had an open piece of candy to hold for safekeeping (seriously, she didn’t even eat it) she was happy to select a piece from each house and put it into her candy bag (which she refused to carry).

Apparently one house thought it would be funny to scare a toddler and jumped out at her and shouted “Rawr!” Unfortunately for them their desire to see a child run crying in terror was lost on MY daughter who is

a) obsessed with Shrek and therefore marginally OK with monsters and “Rawr!”  and

b) obsessed with doggies, which they happened to have by the door and she noticed and brushed off her scary encounter.

The entire night the thing she was most afraid of was her Uncle Nick’s costume, which was basically just a scary mask:


All night she kept asking “Nene???” to make sure it was really still her Nicky in there.

Happy Halloween my little Tinkerbell. Thanks for all the candy. I’m sure next year I’ll have to share it with you.


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