A Place to Start


I have wanted to start a blog for some time now. When I told my family and friends I would be starting one, most asked what it would be about. I’ve thought about that question carefully and come to the conclusion that my initial scope for it is rather broad, so I’d better map out why I want to blog. 

Why I Want to Blog:

  • To chronicle my daughter (Charlotte) and our family’s life
  • To share my love for cooking and recipes
  • To hold myself more accountable for my time
  • To spread my knowledge and experiences couponing
  • To show the multitude of craft/home projects I would like to start AND finish
  • To augment my scope of skills and interests
  • To improve my follow-through

And with that, I have a plan and a mission. So much easier to follow than just randomly plopping words down.

I will leave with a gem from tonight that fits to my first bullet point:

We have recently started potty training (Charlotte was 18 months last week).

We haven’t been doing anything specific really except teaching her the potty words, letting her run around without a diaper on (I read somewhere that it is easier for them to feel the sensation of needing to “pee-pee” when they don’t have the diaper they’ve been peeing in since birth on), and occasionally holding her on the toilet while she looks at me like “my butt does not fit on this seat.”

If I am completely honest I am the one that lets her run around without a diaper on. Eric usually says “If she pees, you’re cleaning it up.” And I nod, but would never roll my eyes…

So anyway, yesterday I figured I had better take some more serious steps in the right direction. I bought her a potty seat and some underwear.

(Can I just say how cute tiny 2T underwear are? So. So. Cute.)

Tonight as Charlotte was dancing to music videos on her potty seat (which doubles as a step stool for later) I asked Eric if he thought it would be harder or easier to potty train a child vs. the 5 dogs we’ve house trained.

Eric: “I have no idea. Haven’t you read books about things like this?”


Daddies, what would they do without us? And honestly, what would we do without them?

Charlotte proceeded to pee on the floor and then pat it with her hands.

I cleaned it up while Daddy washed her hands.